British Typhoon aircraft in Libya female pilot driving actions (Figure)

China news agency, Bangkok, February 9 (Reporter Yu Xianlun) - 9 asked Thai police in Bangkok "Patriot Network" by its supporters the day of withdrawal from occupied demonstrations road, otherwise the police will be the relevant provisions of the Internal Security Act to disperse their meetings. Bangkok Metropolitan Police Division commander, met with Thai Vichai day "Patriot Network" representatives and "Yellow Shirts" leaders. He asked the demo http://www.swisswatchesss.com/swiss-lamborghini/onstrators out of an assembly occupied due to road traffic but also the people. "Yellow Shirts" Long said the leaders of the needle, the Metropolitan Police Division commander Vichai morning met with him, asked "Yellow Shirts" open road, but the "Yellow Shirts" Vichai rejected this request. Long claims that the needle, the group will bring together 11 to the Royal Plaza in Bangkok meeting, they did not blockade the Capitol program, they will not  http://www.replicaaa.com/franck-muller.html go to Thailand and Cambodia border northeast of the four-color daisy border to protest the government. "Yellow Shirts" leaders said, some of its supporters intended the government to the four-color daisy border, the border conflict in Taijian affected Thai villagers sent relief supplies. But the region's people of the "Yellow Shirts" good intentions do not seem to appreciate, saying it did not want to see them, because they may once again bring t http://www.eopop.com/replica-swiss-sinn-watches.html rouble to the people in border areas. The border village that is the "Yellow Shirts" continued protests indirectly led to Taijian border armed conflict. Since then, the "Yellow Shirts" give up the delivery of relief supplies to the border area plan. Long claims that needle, 11 around 10 am, he will lead his supporters to the Royal Plaza in Bangkok before the statue of King Rama V, on behalf of Thai nationals to participate in the patriotic oath c http://www.watchesmimory.com/iwc-replica.html eremony, to encourage Thai people to consciously protect Thai territory. Pin Long said, "Yellow Shirts" and then return to the protest zone near the Prime Minister's Office, they do not have to worry about the government end the blockade of Parliament House to protest the plan. "Yellow Shirts" said spokesman Pat, supporters of the group 10 days to petition the court to the Thai administration, asking them to hear and reject the seven counties in Bangkok 15 days to implement the decision of the Internal Security Act. Pat said, "Yellow Shirts" rally is still within the limits prescribed by law, and did not result in violence, the authorities use the "Internal Security Act" is unreasonable. "Yellow Shirts" near the Prime Minister's Office in Bangkok protest rally so far has lasted 16 days. 8, the Thai Cabinet approved the implementation of seven counties in Bangkok, the Internal Security Act of motion, the implementation period from February 9 to 23..


Japanese public and media dissatisfaction with the government information release nuclear accident is not sufficient

January 29, in Romania's capital Bucharest, many Romanians and Chinese celebrate Lunar New Year, the beautiful Eastern European girls also dressed as a "bunny" is fun. Celebrate the New Year right picture Romanian man dragon. Philippines: Orange Star High on January 31 according to the Philippine capital of Manila's Chinatown are filled with a string of citrus. In 12 local people to celebrate the Lunar New Year round fruit, rounded shape of the fruit that can bring them good luck. Malta: January 30, Princess Lucky, the port city of Valletta in Malta street, from Heilongjiang Song and Dance Ensemble of the "Manchu princess" who hold high Fuwa and Fu-word couplets for the New Year parade, which attracted local people stop to watch. Singapore: Wealth dance on January 29, at Singapore's famous Orchard Road shopping street street, a group of Q-dance Lucky God of Wealth enjoyed, apparently, huge puppets, and hoods did not prevent these uniform steps out of the God of Wealth. Vietnam: Happy cat on January 31 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the streets filled with gold cat mascot. 2011 years for the Vietnamese is the cat, not the Year of the Rabbit. It is said that when Chinese New Year customs spread from China to Vietnam, because of translation errors, the rabbit mistakenly said to cats, so cat instead of rabbit eyes of the zodiac become one of the Vietnamese. Today is the Spring Festival is the traditional Chinese New Year Day, "in taste," not only in China, filled, and the "drift" in the overseas Chinese settlements. And around Chinatown, it is such a gathering in the heart of taste. Reuters recently to the British tourism industry search engine cheapflights selection results for clues, reports the characteristics of Chinatown outside China, in alphabetical order, list the reasons they have their own characteristics. Edition text, according to Xinhua News Agency No.1 Vancouver: Vancouver Chinatown Cantonese flavor is Canada's largest Chinese neighborhood, an area of ​​6 blocks, is North America's second largest after San Francisco's Chinatown, "Chinese city." Vancouver's Chinatown, Guangdong, China is rich in features, streets are lined with cafes, dried seafood shop, butcher shop, fish shop, pastry shop, restaurant, inn everywhere, Cantonese-style food rich cultural atmosphere. As of today, who Cantonese Chinatown in Vancouver will be basically open. No.2 London: crowded by Reuters, saying the length of London's Chinatown, though not the longest or the oldest Chinatown, is the most full of Chinese traditional taste of Chinatown. Annual New Year's Eve countdown event held in London's Chinatown will look forward to New Year, and soon the sound of firecrackers, opened for several days of New Year celebrations. No.3 New York: Century Business District is located in Manhattan's Chinatown, New York, USA, more than 100 years of history. Since the scale has been New York's Chinatown Chinese in New York's most important business centers, which can be traced back to the earliest Chinese shops mid-19th century. In fact, here is the first except Asia, overseas Chinese, the Chinese set up commercial street. No.4 Bangkok: Bangkok, Thailand gold center is located in the old city's Chinatown, the extent of its bustling Chinatown in Southeast Asia called the ringleader. Bangkok is Thailand's Chinatown fortune of many Fugu businesses, it is also Thailand's largest gold trading center. Annual Spring Festival, the Thai royal family members will visit Yaowarat Road, to the local Chinese New Year. No.5 Port Louis: Mauritius Africa, the Indian Ocean island height of the capital Port Louis Chinatown, was evaluated as Reuters, the most multi-cultural atmosphere of the Mauritius business district. Port Louis Chinatown formed in the early 20th century, the earliest immigrants to Mei County, Guangdong Hakka-based. 1 points 2 points 3 points 4 points 5 points


Southeastern Ukraine, two explosions occurred (Photos)

People Tokyo January 21, according to Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" quoted the Russian Interfax news that the Russian defense minister (as head), led by the Russian Defense Ministry on the 19th mission to the South from Moscow Kuril Islands (Japan said that the four northern islands) in Etorofu Island and the island after a visit to the country. It is reported that the visit the two islands to visit troops stationed in the local situation, and look to the garrison of the problems. Expected to visit on 23 November. (Moon compilation)


Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary to the timely release of information by the users of national support

17, according to the Libyan state television reported that forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said it would soon move in the eastern bastion of the rebels entered Benghazi. Gaddafi's son to the French news channel in Europe, said: "military action over 48 hours everything will end and our troops are almost a Benghazi. No matter what decisions have been too late." Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces are surrounded by the opposition to Saipan Western Canada, and in a few days back all the cities occupied by the rebels. Since the riots a month ago, since, in the capital, about 1,000 kilometers east of Tripoli, Benghazi has been a stronghold of the rebels against Gaddafi. According to the Xinhua News Agency


Military training camp in Pakistan suicide bombing attacks were at least 14 soldiers were killed

LONDON, Jan. 17 (reporter Guo Rui) British Prime Minister Cameron, 17, London, Royal Society of Arts in speech, stressed that the British national health care system reform must advance, said the modernization of public service commitment to the UK Joint the core of the government agenda. Cameron said that for over 60 years of history of national health care system reform is inevitable, the purpose of reform is to make the system more open, more competitive, reduce waste and red tape, and thus more efficient for the public provision of medical services. Government health care reform comes to the widespread controversy and fierce criticism, Cameron said, the patients and the public, the most important thing is to have a high quality, free national health care system, it is necessary to free people surgery, health care and medical support. British national health care system founded in 1948, the criteria is to provide "everyone can enjoy to need, not ability to pay based on the full range of free services" to ensure fairness of medical services in the world would praise. However, this system is also a serious waste of medical resources, the slow response to the needs of patients and other deficiencies. Therefore, the Cameron government began a series of measures late last year, embarked on a national health care system reform. However, the reform program in government agencies, health departments and the public caused by widely questioned. Intense fears will undermine national health care reform and stability of the system, contains a huge risk. Cameron made the remarks in front, the British Medical Association, Royal College of Nursing, six health care institutions such as the person in charge has also published an open letter, said they plan to reform health care services to allow commercial competition between the "deep worried about. "


Myanmar, the earthquake caused more than 6,000 people were affected in Yunnan

China news agency, Beijing, January 14 - 12 local Ivorian military announced the country's economic capital Abidjan after a curfew in some areas, the situation is relatively calm. But United Nations peacekeepers in Abidjan after another 13 vehicles attacked, Branch and the former President Laurent Gbagbo has denied these attacks related. According to Radio France International reported that in the A Bobo curfew area and Anya Ma area, residents said the night no longer hear gunshots or explosions. Previously, the majority support of former Prime Minister Ouattara A Bobo district exchanged fire event for two consecutive nights, a total of at least 11 people were killed. According to the United Nations Information Centre website news, from the 13th morning start, there were 6 in Abidjan since the attacks against the United Nations Force vehicle, killing a United Nations vehicle was damaged. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement strongly condemned. Ban Ki-moon said in a statement stressed that any attack on UN peacekeepers and the behavior is unacceptable. He guaranteed to all Ivorians, the United Nations Mission in Côte d'Ivoire will be committed to the protection of civilians, whether they belong to any political faction. He called on all parties to stop obstructing Unitech group of missions and tasks. News that is loyal to President Laurent Gbagbo of Cote d'Ivoire before the regular and irregular forces created these attacks, but Gbagbo side denies. Radio France Internationale reported that Gbagbo camp, a spokesman said the allegations related to any real basis. The spokesman pointed out that only through the accident investigation to confirm the murderer. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said earlier that in the current situation, China supports the United Nations Mission in Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire continues to peaceful resolution of issues related to play an active role. It is reported that China is now in the Unitech group sent six military observers. Late last year, before the formation of Côte d'Ivoire President Laurent Gbagbo and former Prime Minister Ouattara have declared himself president of the political deadlock. Currently, the United Nations, African Union, European Union and other international organizations that recognize Ouattara was elected president.


Japan Fukushima high pressure water jet set fire to the

BEIJING, Jan. 8, according to foreign reports, Venezuela, a small aircraft with six people in the local 7 west of the country crashed five people were killed, and only a 10-year-old girl miraculously survived, and was not injured. Reported that the aircraft PN68 small plane from Venezuela's Margarita Island offshore belongs (Margarita) off, originally planned to go to the capital, Caracas, 30 km southwest of tui Valley (Valles de Tuy) region an airport, but On the way the accident crashed two adult males and three adult females were killed, and only a 10-year-old girl survived, was not injured. I believe adults killed five girls in the name of the surviving family members. Venezuelan authorities are currently investigating the cause of the crash.